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Unlock the Secrets of Self-Discovery with Our Astrological Reports! Embark on an Amazing Adventure of Personal Growth and Contemplation.

Relationship Report

  • Uncover Compatibility: Explore the alignment of planetary influences between you and your partner. Understand the dynamics that underpin your relationships.
  • Identify Opportunities for Growth: Gain a profound understanding of your emotional landscape. Use this knowledge to nurture and enhance your connection, fostering stronger, more meaningful relationships.
  • Resolve Conflicts: Identify potential areas of tension and develop strategies to resolve conflicts constructively. Find harmony and balance in your relationships.
  • Great Value: it's a fun and affordable journey through the stars, tailor-made to unlock the mysteries of your life!
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Transit Report

  • Comprehensive Insights: Unveil the impact of celestial bodies on your life in the upcoming year. Gain profound insights into various aspects, including career, relationships, finance, and personal growth.
  • 20 Most Influential Transits: Navigate your destiny with confidence as we reveal the 20 most influential astrological transits in the next 12 months. Understand opportunities and challenges that await you.
  • Personalized Timing: Make the most of cosmic energies during each transit. Leverage auspicious moments for new ventures, relationships, and self-improvement.
  • Great Value: it's a fun and affordable journey through the stars, tailor-made to unlock the mysteries of your life!


What is a relationship report?

A relationship report is a analysis that provides insights into the dynamics, compatibility, and potential challenges within a romantic relationship. It examines the astrological compatibility between individuals based on their birth charts and offers valuable information about their strengths, weaknesses, and areas of harmony.

What is a planetary transit report?

A planetary transit report focuses on the movement of planets in relation to an individual's birth chart. It analyzes the current positions of planets and how they interact with the individual's natal chart placements. This report helps in understanding the energies and influences that the transiting planets bring into one's life, including their impact on relationships. Our report spans 20 of yours most influential astrological transists for the upcoming year.

What if I don't belive in astrology?

Then you surely believe in growth and self-enquiry. Take a look at our article on self-discovery — Jung & Astrology. You can delve into the report's contents for thoughtful consideration, either on your own or with your partner to discover new and meaningful insights.

How long does it take to receive a relationship or planetary transit report?

It takes up to 72h to prepare your report.

What if I don't like my report?

Don't worry, we believe in our product nad want to offer you 30 days money-back guarantee. Just send us a message through the form on the website

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What's included
  • Natal chart

    Professionaly crafted natal chart

  • Planetary transits

    Planetary transits have an effect on our daily life. Find out about most powerful moments within next year

  • Life purpose analysis

    Our astrologer interprets a chart for you to help you find your life purpose

  • Relationship compatibility

    See compatibility and potential challenges between you and another person

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